New Feature in Attention Nest: Simple & Powerful Data Analytics

Sydney, NSW: Attention Nest announced an efficient feature on the platform. Analytics is a tool to analyse your overall performance from paid and organic campaigns across all social media accounts in one single view. Find out what works and what doesn’t!

Features and benefits of Attention Nest include:

Canva integration

Canva is actually accessed through Attention Nest, and content is loaded directly into Attention Nest!

Internal & External Approval Workflows

Internal team members can review and leave notes before the content is sent to an external party (such as a client, senior manager or another stakeholder) for approval.

Multiple Content Formats to Choose From

Multiple post options for all platforms! Schedule content in up to nine different formats. Including Instagram Stories; single photo and video stories.

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Analytics in Attention Nest is here to give you insides and valuable data about your content. For more information about Attention Nest, book a FREE demo session. Our team is on hand to support you with fast customer support turnaround times.

We built Attention Nest to give time back to Social Media Marketers so they can focus on enhancing their campaigns. We’d love for you to be a part of our journey to making your life as a marketer easier!