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A social media management software designed by actual social media marketers. Built with easy approval flows, reduced content duplication time and active customer support!

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Designed by social media marketers to make it easier for everyone!

Clunky software, multiple duplications, chasing approvals, importing from Canva into your software, poor customer service… You shouldn’t have to deal with all this!

Faster Scheduling.

Schedule as well as use drag and drop to move and reschedule content.

No More Duplicating!

Amend and edit content for multiple platforms on the same page with clear visuals.

Canva Integration

Directly create and edit content within Attention Nest. You no longer have to save from Canva and upload to your scheduling software, saving precious time!

Approval Workflows.

Create approval workflows for your internal approval, then external to your team. Full history of notes and feedback is recorded and able to be seen throughout the entire approval process.

Stop wasting your time with social media software that has poor workflows and poor support.

Our team is on hand to support you with fast customer support turnaround times.

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We like to keep it simple with one price to choose from: $79.95 USD

Attention Nest is just $79.95USD per month. Get unlimited access to all of our features, for 11 users and 20 social media accounts. If you need more it is simple as: $5 per additional user, and $5 per additional social media account.

*All pricing is in USD and Australian registered businesses will be charged GST at 10% in addition to any pricing.

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If you are a large agency or will require many accounts and users, then please get in touch with us or let us know in the demo.

More information?

Well we get it… You probably still have lots of questions. Here is a bunch of our Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does Attention Nest cost?

$79.95 USD per month for up to 11 users and 20 social media profiles. $5 additional for each user and/or social media profile in addition to the above.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes you can anytime, please send us an email to to cancel or you can also contact us here to cancel your subscription.

If any charges are made due to us being delayed in cancelling your account, we will refund any overpaid charges.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for registered and proven not for profits, who will receive a 25% discount on Attention Nest.

Save time and money with Attention Nest.

Get all your stakeholders on the same page and enjoy what you do, don’t get frustrated with poor performing software

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