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We built Attention Nest to give time back to Social Media Marketers so they can have more time to enhance their campaigns.

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Our Story

After using many social media management platforms, the founder of Attention Nest decided there has to be a more suitable way to manage content and reduce time taken on content duplications, uploads & approvals. Seeing a real need to streamline the workflow to create posts on all social media platforms at once, gain clear feedback & approvals from internal team members as well as other stakeholders (such as clients or upper management) and reduce time spent on uploading content, led to the first bits of vision for Attention Nest.

The number one constraint on a social media marketer is resource, and improving efficiency allows precious extra minutes to be gained for analysis, optimisation and content creation.

So what was developed was a solution. First for the founder’s own use. Then we showed other social media marketers, and have provided it for them as well. After surveying marketers from around the globe, we believe now we have a solution that is easy to use and integrate into the everyday workflows of marketers anywhere.

As we continue to roll Attention Nest out to marketers around the world, we roll it out with the focus of simplicity, support and function.

Attention Nest on average could save an average social media marketer around 20 minutes per day in content production time, between approval workflows, content production and uploads as well as duplication.

We’d love for you to be a part of our journey to making your life as a marketer easier!

We came up with industry first features:

Good approval workflows for work to be approved and easily understood through the alignment process between stakeholders.

The first social media marketing platform with Canva built into the platform.

A way to eliminate duplication flows

Drag and drop features

Solid customer service

Make your social media content management easy!

Don’t get bogged down with wasted time and effort!

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Will I be charged after my 14 day free trial?

As soon as your 14 day free trial has expired and you haven’t cancelled your subscription, your card will be charged for a month’s worth of subscription depending on how many users and profiles you have.

How much does Attention Nest cost?

$79.95 USD per month for up to 11 users and 20 social media profiles. $5 additional for each user and/or social media profile in addition to the above.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes you can anytime through the billing page on your Attention Nest platform, and we will cancel your subscription. You can also contact us here to cancel your subscription.