Attention Nest makes managing your socials easy.

The features on Attention Nest are simple yet powerful. They reduce the time spent on managing your social media content, and allow more time for things like optimising results!

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The features on Attention Nest will make you look no further!

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Already scheduled content and want to move it to another day? Drag and drop is available!

No More Duplicating!

A social media marketer spends around 15-25 mins a day duplicating content across multiple social media networks. Let’s give you that time back! No more duplicating, with clear same page multi-platform editing!

Canva is built into Attention Nest!

No more time wasted going back and forth between Canva, saving content to your computer and then uploading it to your social media management software. Canva is actually accessed through Attention Nest and content is loaded directly into Attention Nest!

Internal & External Approval Workflows

Internal team members can review and leave notes before the content is sent to an external party (such as a client, senior manager or another stakeholder) for approval. All notes, internal and external, are recorded for later reference.”

Clear User Permissions

User permissions and logins are clear between administrators, content creators, and internal and external approvers. All are neatly organised and easy to distinguish!

Ready To Go, Active Attention Nest Software Support

You can book a support meeting, and within 1 hour, you can hop onto the phone with us and get ready for support no matter where you are.
We have worldwide live chat support available.

Instagram Grid View, First Comments and Stories Scheduling

Post onto Instagram using Grid View, hide hashtags using the first comments feature and use all different post types from video, single image, carousel and stories!

Tagging available for all platforms!

You can tag other accounts on all your social media posts and channels. Mention others and engage more!

Multiple Content Formats to Choose From 

Multiple post options for all platforms! Schedule content in up to nine different formats. Including Instagram Stories; single photo and video stories. 

Find out what works and what doesn’t!

Analyse your overall performance from paid and organic campaigns across all social media accounts in one single view. Additional, create custom & downloadable PDF reports and get insights on the best time to publish.

Hashtag Pools 

Save time by creating your groups of hashtags. Then copy and paste them directly to your content posts. 

Attention Nest APP 

This app is currently used for manual publishing to the Instagram platform, such as carousel, 1 min + videos, images larger than 1:1 ratio, and stories.

There will also be a number of new features in the future, such as the ability for approvers to approve through the app.

Available to download from the App Store and Google Play (Android). Once installed, you will be required to log in to your existing account.


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Book a demo of our features

Get your time back and make content management easier for yourself today!

Save Time and Use It to Create an ROI on Your Campaign

Save time and money on content creation workflows, and put time reduced time and effort into actually producing an ROI for your organisation instead!

Stop Being Frustrated with Your Software

Attention Nest was designed by a group of social media marketers. We know your pain! Stop being affected by clunky software and poor service.

Active Support

We hear you! You want support and good customer service. We can do that!

Feature Updates

We have an active development team ready to make feature updates and support this software to make it always work for you.

Make your social media content management easy!

Don’t get bogged down with wasted time and effort!

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Need more information?

How much does Attention Nest cost?

$79.95 USD per month for up to 11 users and 20 social media profiles. $5 additional for each user and/or social media profile and the above.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime through the billing page on your Attention Nest platform, and we will cancel your subscription. You can also contact us here to cancel your subscription.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for registered and proven not for profits, who will receive a 25% discount on Attention Nest.